Expert Level Trainer (MTCINE) and MikroTik Certified Training Partner with Highest Reputation in Indonesia

We Are "Different"

We are young entrepreneurs, we are only one training partner & consultant who has expert level in the most prestigious networking certification, CCIE Guru (Dedi Gunawan), JNCIE (Muhammad Amin) and MTCINE Guru (Rofiq Fauzi) which very limited number in Indonesia even Asia. Proven that hundred of our students pass the certification exam every year. We are the bigest certification factory in Asia.Testimoni

Cloud Energy Saving™

We only one training partners who adopting cloud computing technology in our training class. In expert training we always using lab with many router in one network topology, we prefer not using real router that need high electricity, we use free software called GNS3 network simulator to run all routers in one laptop. Its reduce energy consumtion because we care about better environment to save our world.

MTCINE Wall of Success

Finally they get the number of higest MikroTik certification, and they deserve it:

  • Tirta K. Untario #1305INE006, Triartha Adikarya
  • SE. Suwono #1305INE007, Telkom Indonesia
  • Achmad Mardiansyah #1305INE008, IT Telkom
  • Ferry Christian #1305INE009, Netsakom
  • Kim Song An #1305INE010, TGG
and continue counting...

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