About Us

ID-NETWORKERS ™ was established in 2008, we are a group of young people who have the spirit and idea to increasing skill and number of IT certification people in Indonesia.

ID-Networkers is a training partner who has very good reputation and experience, we have graduated a hundreds of students who not only know in a lot of network theoretical, but proficient in the lab and live network troubleshooting.

The engineer who graduated from ID-Networkers have been accepted in the reputable and leading IT company in Indonesia and even in Singapore.

We are the only one training partner who have 3 highest level certification in Cisco, Juniper & Mikrotik, CCIE r&s certified (Dedi Gunawan), JNCIE certified (Muhammad Amin),  MTCINE & MikroTik Certified Trainer (Rofiq Fauzi) that in Indonesia and even in Asia have limited number.

jncie  ccie

If you still have doubts, please read our testimonies of former student ID-Networkers who have successfully pass the certification exam easily

We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun

call rofiq.fauzi
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